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Residential Louvered Pergolas

Charlotte Patio Covers-

Is the inclement weather preventing you from utilizing your patio? Thinking about adding a patio cover but are afraid you might lose natural light?


Many homeowners in the Charlotte area are choosing the StruXure roof for its ability to bring shade to an outdoor living space without sacrificing natural light. The system's i-louver technology allows the louvers to adjust the amount of shade and light a patio gets throughout the day. The StruXure louvered system also becomes a solid roof when closed, allowing Charlotte homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the rain, or the sun's intense rays.


Did you know the StruXure Roof can be fully customized to meet your needs?

 Screens, fans, heaters, lighting, and so much more can be added for the ultimate comfort.


Why is the StruXure louvered roof a better option?


Listed below are the benefits of the StruXure roof in comparison to other patio covers available in the Charlotte region.


_ Conventional patio covers such as awnings and canopies are often made of low resistant materials and are likely to be damaged during a rainstorm. The StruXure louvered system, however, is built of sturdy extruded aluminum designed to resist severe weather conditions, making it suitable for any climate and region.


_ Awnings and Canopies need regular maintenance and replacement which can be costly in the long run. The StruXure Louvered Roof is designed to be maintenance free, only requiring periodic cleanings throughout the year. Since it is also built of high-quality aluminum, it won't rust and will not need to be replaced.


_ Traditional patio covers offer rain and sun protection but often trap the heat, making an outdoor space unusable during the summer months. On the other hand, the StruXure roof can be angled to allow the air to circulate for a cooler and comfortable outdoor space. 

*Areas of service include Charlotte & surrounding areas, Lake Norman & surrounding areas, Rock Hill & surrounding areas, Asheville & surrounding areas.

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