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Commercial Louvered Pergolas

Charlotte Patio Covers!

You can increase your patio revenue with the StruXure Louvered Pergola!


Unfavorable weather conditions present real challenges for restaurant owners looking to increase their patio revenues. Rain, heat, and cold temperatures often discourage patrons from seeking the outdoors, which in turn can have an adverse impact on the financial gain of your business. 


So, how can business owners maximize the use of their patio regardless of the weather?


An adjustable patio cover system such as the StruXure Louvered roof can help business owners create a comfortable outdoor atmosphere for consumers year-round.


At the touch of a button or i-louver app, the louvers adjust to block the sun's intense rays providing relief from the heat on a hot summer day. If rain is a concern, this patio cover can transform into a solid roof keeping customers dry during a rainfall. Opening the louvers allow for the sunlight to shine through, creating an open and brighter space below. No matter what the weather brings or what the daily temperature is, patrons can enjoy the outdoors confident they'll be shielded from the elements.


Optional heaters, screens, solar shades, vinyl windows, fans, and lighting can be added for extra comfort.

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  Louvered Pergola Advantages


Commercial patio covers such as retractable awnings and shades have limited benefits. Most are not sturdy enough to withstand the forces of nature and are difficult to maintain, needing regular upkeep and replacement. Many restaurant owners across the country are choosing the StruXure Louvered Pergola for its low-maintenance design and lasting durability. The extruded-aluminum pergola is able to resist harsh weather conditions, making it suitable for any outdoor space.



Commercial applications


  • Restaurants

  • Sports bars

  • Hotels

  • Resorts

  • Breweries

  • Wineries

  • Golf clubs

  • Pool decks

  •  Country clubs

  • Apartment buildings




  • Extruded aluminum

  • Weather resistant

  • Integrated gutter system

  • I-louver technology

  • Motorized drive system

  • Rain & wind  sensors

  • Solar powered or hardwired 

  • Color options

  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Low-maintenance

*Areas of service include all of Lake Norman & Charlotte. Rock Hill & nearby towns. Asheville & nearby towns.

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